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Astor Chocolate: Products & Services

Astor Chocolate is a famous chocolatier that uses the finest ingredients to make quality confection and gifts. With over 60 years of chocolate making experience, they have become an established name in the world of chocolate had boast an extensive range of quality products. These products include:

In addition to these products, there is a range of information available on the website to help customers make informed decisions about their purchases. This includes information about the history of chocolate and about the ingredients used. The website is clear and user friendly with images and detailed information for each product.

Astor Chocolate: Company Background

In 1929, Leopold Grunhut started making chocolates from home in a small town in Czechoslovakia.  Within 5 years he had 4 stores in the town.  He relocated his company to New York in 1950 following the devastation caused by World War II.  Erwin was now leading the family business.  Macy’s became their first large scale customer with many more to follow.  During the 1960’s Astor Chocolate became famous for their liquor-filled chocolates when they partnered with some famous brand names such as Tia Maria, Kahlua and Nocello.  The chocolate chess set, which was designed by a famous artist, featured dark, white and milk chocolate and was sold at famous stores such as Bloomingdale’s.  This success was the inspiration for unique chocolate gift items such as greetings cards and love letters.  In 1967, Astor Chocolate moved to Glendale, New York to expand their business and increase productivity.  They expanded their range to hotel mints and chocolate souvenirs.  In 1998, Astor Chocolate moved, once again, to larger manufacturing facilities in Lakeland, New Jersey.  In 2000, they acquired Le Belge Chocolatier.  This is a San Francisco based company owned by a Parisian company that prides itself on the use of  premium ingredients and European traditions.  

Astor Chocolate use the finest Belgian Chocolate and their resident Master Chocolatier has over ten years of experience.  This contributes to Astor continuing to meet the goals to which it strives.  These are quality, excellent service and expertise.  They are famous for their superb packaging which is thanks to their in-house graphic studio and printing.  

There are several ways in which customers can contact Astor Chocolate.  Firstly, they can use the online contact form that is found on the ‘contact us’ section of the website.  Secondly, they can telephone their customer services.  The number that is given for this is 732-901-100.  Another alternative is to send them a fax.  The number for this is 732-415-1150.  A further way to contact them is by email.  The email address is  Finally, Astor Chocolate can be contacted in writing.  The address is Astor Chocolate, 651 New Hampshire Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701.

Astor Chocolate: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Astor Chocolate do not have a page that displays reviews and customer testimonials about their products. However, reviews across the Internet about them are plentiful. The overall opinion that these reviews express is that the products are of a high quality and that the service that they have received has been excellent. The one negative about Astor Chocolate that has been highlighted is that the portion sizes are on the small side. One example of a review comes from The reviewer has written the following about Astor Chocolate:

“Astor Chocolate products are made from premium Belgian chocolate, so consumers are consistently satisfied with Astor Chocolate’s products and services. They say that the consistency and the taste of the chocolate are perfect, and that the witty ideas and creative concepts are an added plus. However, some people have remarked about the portion sizes of the actual chocolate, especially the shooters. They mention that either there are really small portions or the chocolates come in small package sizes so it could be quite expensive to get something for everyone. This, however, does not diminish the fact that Astor Chocolate has continuously proven to be one of the top choices among chocolate shops, not only for its gift giving choices, but for its social awareness, too.”

A further complimentary review can be found at This read as follows:

“Best chocolate around. I pass their factory everyday. There are at least 150 cars in their parking lot for people that work there. It is very impressive. I had their chocolate and it is the best around. Will purchase gifts from this factory in the future.”

Astor Chocolate: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Astor Chocolate are not BBB accredited by the Better Business Bureau, nor is the a report available for this company.  Astor Chocolate are not under any obligation to seek this accreditation and it does not necessarily reflect on the credibility of the company.  There are many other factors that contribute to the credibility of this company.  These include:

  • HAACP certified.
  • Certified Kosher by the O-U (Orthodox Union).
  • The company has been established for over 60 years.
  • The products are stocked by large department stores, such as Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s.
  • The products are stocked by online retailers, such as
Astor Chocolate: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Astor Chocolate have a Google Page Rank of 3 out of 10. estimate that there were 540 unique visitors to Astor Chocolate in September 2012.  They have given them a page rank of 1,762,701. have given Astor Chocolate a global page rank of 1,045,503 and a US page rank of 232,899.  There are 61 sites linking in to Astor Chocolate. have no further demographic information for Astor Chocolate.  

Astor Chocolate: Social Media Presence

Astor Chocolate use both Facebook and Twitter as forms of social marketing to promote their business and to connect with their customers.  Astor Chocolate have 779 likes on their Facebook page, 5 people are talking about the page and 113 have recently visited it.  The Facebook page is used to promote any current offers and for customers to post their views on the products.  Astor Chocolate have 571 followers on Twitter. This page is updated regularly with information about their products and current promotions.  Astor Chocolate do not have their own blog.

Astor Chocolate: Website Security & Safety

Astor Chocolate use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption technology to ensure the safety and privacy of their customers personal and financial detail.  Google Safebrowsing Diagnostics have not visited Astor Chocolate over the past 90 days.  However, they state that Astor Chocolate are not currently listed as being suspicious and they do not download or install any malicious software without the knowledge or consent of the user.  Also, Astor Chocolate do not act as an intermediary for the infection of other sites and they do not host malicious software.

Astor Chocolate: Pricing & Packages

The pricing at Astor Chocolate is affordable and this is reflected in the positive reviews from customers who are happy with the prices that they have paid. The prices are similar to other companies who sell similar products. Some examples of the pricing at Astor Chocolate are:

  • Astor Chocolate liquor cups an dessert shells- there are 7 products in this category and these cost between $10 and $39.
  • Chocolate tins- there are 13 products in this category and these cost between $6.99 and $16.99.
  • Wedding and party favors- there are 36 products in the wedding and party favors section of Astor Chocolate. The cheapest of these is $2 for a one piece gift box and $45 for 120 pieces.

It is worth noting that there are regular promotions at Astor Chocolate so savings can be made on purchases here.

Astor Chocolate: Shipping Rates & Policies

Astor Chocolate ship any in-stock items in between 1 and 3 days.  Customized items take longer. They use UPS, Federal Express, DHL and other trucking methods.  Items are shipped using the most effective method of shipping.  Astor Chocolate do not ship products at the weekend.  They also inform customers that during times of warmer weather insulation methods may be used during delivery and this comes at an additional cost to the customer.  Astor Chocolate do ship internationally but they do not ship to PO box addresses.  Shipping rates are not given on the information page as these are calculated during checkout.

Astor Chocolate: Payment Methods Accepted

Astor Chocolate currently only accept three methods of payment. These methods of payment are:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Personal checks

They do not accept payment from any other credit cards, PayPal, cash or any other alternative methods of payment. The customer can choose their preferred method of payment during the checkout process.  If a check is returned, customers will have to pay a $20 fee.

Astor Chocolate: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Astor Chocolate do not accept returns on personalized items.  However, if you have contacted them within 5 days and they are to blame for the error, they will reprint your order and ship it out to you.  Shipping charges are not credited and customers are responsible for any return shipping fees.  If a customer has not given sufficient information or has given incorrect information and they wish to return a products, they must first obtain a RMA number from Astor Chocolate.  In this situation customers are responsible for shipping fees and a 15% restocking fee.

Astor Chocolate: Product images & screenshots
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